Tailored Sessions to Suit Your Needs


Reiki is a natural healing therapy which is often described at "hands on healing". It originates from Japan and it main focus is to balance out the bodies "chi" energy. 

Practitioners also connect with a clients charka system to also re balance any sluggish or slow energy patterns 

It is a gentle yet powerful therapy that can help restore balance and calm in the body. 

Reiki is fantastic for treating chronic pain in the physical body as well as more emotional ailments such as anxiety and depression.


Remedial Massage  is a wonderful way of allowing the body to relax and recoup. 

Deep tissue massage  can be used for fatigued muscles – great for getting sore muscles back in shape for your next workout or yoga session. 

Relaxation massage to release the stresses of the day and allow your mind to totally "switch off" .

Specialised Pregnancy Massage which is a perfect way to restore wellbeing & fatigue associated with pregnancy.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage is a beautiful relaxing Hawaiian massage that allows mind, body and spirit to be rebalanced and revitalised


Reflexology is a wonderful subtle but powerful treatment, that can help and facilitate the body to self heal. 

Reflex points that can be found in the feet, hands, face & ears all relate to different parts of the body- using zone therapy and meridian lines, these points respond to pressure, stimulating the body natural healing process to rebalance and repair.  

Pregnancy Reflexology - Labour Priming can start @ 39wks. An initial Massage or Reflexology session is a priority prior to booking in for labour priming - so i can check all your pregnancy history & for us to see how responsive you are to reflexology to get better results